Rose Castle is based on the concept of combination of five Indian elements of: "Jal: Water, "Vayu: Air, "Agni:Fire, "Prithvi:Earth and "Dhatu: Metal, forming the perfect saatvik ratio. Our love for nature and nautral surrounding made us follow this concept thereby we have used these elements in our restaurant to give you a used these elements in our restaurant to give you a breakthrough from everydays life.

We also believe vegetarianism nourishes Body, Spirit and Mind; thus we aim at rejuvenating our guests from the stressful and hectic lifestyle of the 21st century by our soothing music and soulful environment.

Our ambiance is infused with designs touching these elements of nature. We have candlelight, calming music, rustic, earthen look all around and along with natural fragrance in the air to calm you down and lighten you up. 

Furthermore we through the meditation of our chefs make an effort to deliver you the finest.

Help us serving you the best by giving us time to prepare a dish that you want us to and thus deliver you fresh food. Also you can consult our chef anytime during your visit if you are looking for any special food or flavor in your food. We also serve authentic and delectable food. 

With the overwhelming response of out guests for our dine-in restaurant, Rose Castle lanches its professional catering division. We are now available to cater for your special events and parties for up to 200 pax and out chefs can create innovative menus for your event.